When I first started photography, my main focus was on taking pictures of items that were large. I loved taking pictures of entire landscapes and finding the perfect balance of light to make these pictures look amazing. After a while, I decided that it would be a good plan to narrow my focus and look at some items a lot more closely when I was taking pictures.

This was how I began to get interested in macro photography specifically. I loved the idea of being able to zoom in really close to something to capture it in its full beauty. As I began to practice with a new macro lens, I found that it was easy for me to start capturing beautiful pictures of much smaller items. Taking pictures of beautiful flowers and even insects was a lot of fun.

I love being able to spend a good amount of time using a lens like this one to ensure that I am able to really bring my photography to life. It is so exciting to spend even a bit of time working on finding the perfect kinds of pictures that can be captured at this level. There are so many wonderful types of shots that I can take with this new lens.

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