30 2016 Sep

A Canon ET-60 Lens Hood Helps You Get The Right Lighting

1-canon-lens-hoodBeing into photography means wanting to take full advantage of the best photography products for your needs. There are many photography products out there that can help you to make the very most from each shot. Having some good photography accessories makes it easier to get the perfect shot and to be able to make the most form each and every photography opportunity.

It is easy to be able to get the perfect shot when you have some handy accessories. If you are using a Canon camera, a good lens hood may come in very handy for your needs. Having a quality lens hood can really make a big difference as far as the kinds of shots that you are wanting to take. It is nice to be able to get amazing shots with a good camera and some even better accessories.

A Canon ET-60 lens hood is one of those accessories that is really handy for many different uses. It is an accessory that is great for making sure that the lighting is just right for a shot. A good lens hood can give you some protection from light that is not necessary and it can also keep your from having grey photos or ones that aren’t very clear.

30 2016 Sep

How to select a lens filter for your DSLR?

Polarizing FilterAs routine readers of this blog already know, I prefer to create special effects in my photography with my digital camera, rather than by using post-processing software. So I have an array of inexpensive lens filters that I carry with me whenever I go out shooting.

I always carry a polarizing filter to darken skies, manage reflections, or suppress glare from the surface of lakes or the ocean. A linear polarizer allows me to change the balance of the light in a photograph.

I also carry a few color intensifier filters to enhance the green tones of foliage and the reds and oranges of colorful fall leaves. Mixing the effects of a polarizer and color intensifier results in beautiful photos of lakes and waterfalls.

I can also add the appearance of fog to my photos with various levels of fog filters. These come in sets of basic levels, so I was able to get a variety without depleting my budget for my hobby.

My UV/clear/haze filter will be found attached to my camera lens most of the time, to protect the lens. Of course, my digital camera provides UV filtering internally, so I don’t need the lens filter for this purpose. But I find that it protects my lenses from breakage, dust, and dirt. The lens filter is also a lot easier to clean than my lenses.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

29 2016 Sep

Selecting Digital Cameras for Action Video.

Olympus Tough TG4My friend recently asked for my help with selecting a great digital camera for action video. When I asked him the first basic question, what type of action sport he wanted to capture, he told me that he was interested in several including snow boarding, mountain bike races, and underwater photography. He also mentioned that he already has an Olympus point and shoot digital that has served him well for many years, so he wondered if they might manufacture a good digital camera for action video, as well. This made his decision a lot easier.

I introduced him to the Olympus TG-4 Waterproof Digital Camera. The TG-4 is equipped with multiple options for capturing fantastic snowboard runs and mountain bike races, including 1080p HD video, High-Speed Movie (for slow- motion playback), interval shooting, and Time Lapse Movie, which automatically combines individual images, taken at preset intervals, into a short film. Shooting underwater is a breeze with TG-4’s customized Underwater Modes, easily activated via the Mode Dial. In addition to Snapshot, Wide, and Macro modes, TG-4 boasts an Underwater HDR mode, which automatically combines multiple images to create vivid underwater scenes with enhanced light and shadow. It even has a powerful Macro mode that allows clear shots shoot as close as 1cm.

My friend ultimately decided to go with his experience and my suggestion, and bought this camera. He was really glad he did, and is always happy to display for me the wonderful results.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

28 2016 Sep

Selecting the Perfect Camera Lens.

Sony Wide Angle LensI use my wide-angle telephoto camera lens when I go out for a day of shooting landscape shots. With the mountains and valleys that we have in the region where I live, I don’t have travel far for a great shot.

For this photography I also take my compact travel tripod along. I just attach my camera to my quick-release plate and snap it onto the tripod, with a 3-way head. I also take along my lens filters, because the sun (when it is out) is bright, causing a lot of glare that I don’t always want in my shots.

It’s only a few minutes drive to the mountains, where I can usually find deer, mountain goats, and an occasional elk to populate my photos, along with beautiful fall scenery including colorful fall foliage, the snow on the mountain tops, rolling fog, and shadows created by the sun’s rays. Just another day of camera fun in the sun!

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

27 2016 Sep

Selecting a Great Digital Camera.

Canon EOS Rebel T5 BundleI planned ahead when I purchased my first digital camera. I knew that my initial expense could be high, so I wanted to ensure that my selection would allow me to enjoy my hobby for years while I explored photography.

First I asked myself some basic questions like: how will I be using the camera, what type of subjects do I want to capture, do I want to explore the advantages of alternate lenses,  and so forth. Once I had established this framework, I then began researching digital cameras at various manufacturers online that met these criteria.

While searching online, I discovered that there were only 3 or 4 manufacturers that that both had a selection of cameras that met my criteria and were also well known for their quality of workmanship. This latter part was important to me because I also wanted to keep my maintenance budget for my photography hobby low. To me, a good record of high quality workmanship equals a lower failure rate and less need for repairs or replacement of parts.

Since I had decided that I wanted to explore interchangeable lenses, after I had fully explored the range of my kit lens, I also looked at the selection of lenses that each manufacturer had for the potential camera models that I selected. Then, I selected 3 digital camera kits from the remaining selection and paid a visit to my favorite camera store to try these. I am really pleased with my selection.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

26 2016 Sep

Choosing the Best Camera Tripod.

Manfrotto Compact Advanced 3wayI prefer to have a camera tripod that’s marketed as a “travel tripod”. But not just any travel tripod design will do.

Of course I want a travel tripod that is light weight, so that it doesn’t weigh me down too much when I have to carry it over my shoulder for a long walk or hike to that “perfect spot”. But I also want it to be a slim carry, so I want any handles to fold down so that it’s not a bulky carry, either.

That is one of the reasons that I like my Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod with 3-way pan/tilt head and its two ergonomic handles that fold on top of each other to save space when the tripod is not in use. One handle controls the panning and vertical tilt, while the other controls the horizontal tilt. The tripod fits compactly into its included padded carrying bag so that it is conveniently protected during transport.

The tripod also came with a convenient quick-release plate that attaches to your camera via a 1/4″-20 threaded screw, so I can quickly and easily pop it off of the tripod for hand held shots. And it even came with a ball head, as well.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

23 2016 Sep

Trying My New Fancy DSLR Lens

4 beautiful photographyPlaying around with my DSLR camera is always fun. I love improving my portfolio by taking pictures of my friends and friends of my friends. While I’m still a budding photographer, I know my work continues to only get better. So when I got a new lens the other day, I just had to try it out. And my friend volunteered to model for me, which was great.

As a result, I got this stunning picture. The new DSLR lens I got really did its thing, and I love the filter effect I put onto this photo. It’s almost doll-like, which is very haunting and somewhat alluring. There’s something about this photo that really draws you in, and I’m so glad I was able to make it a reality.

Of course, I’m very grateful for my friend, too. She really does know how to pose for photos. And the new DSLR lens I got is really nice. This photo is almost flawless, in my opinion. I think it’ll definitely give my portfolio a bit more oomph. When people look at my portfolio and see this picture, I’ll certainly have a lot to tell them about in regards to how I made it happen.

22 2016 Sep

How to select a lens filter for your DSLR?

Close_up FilterRecently I was at a large family reunion attended by all the in-laws and out-laws, many of whom I had heard of but never met before. Fortunately, I had my DSLR and camera tripod with me, as we naturally wanted to get lots of family portraits to commemorate the occasion.

I decided to use my close-up lens filter for some of the photos and was very pleased with the results. For quick and easy close-up photography, the close-up lens filter just screws on to the front of my camera lens, making the capture of a subjects facial features sharp and clear. They generally do not degrade the high optical performance of the camera lens.

Fun was had by all during this all day event, and I had fun capturing all the action with my camera. It’s times like these that I’m glad I invested in a great DSLR and supporting accessories. We may never get to see some of these people again, and now we have photos that we will cherish forever and will be able to pass down through future generations.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

21 2016 Sep

Selecting Digital Cameras for Action Video.

Coleman C5WP-Bk WaterproofMy digital camera for action video takes sharp and clear video clips both above and below water, so I never miss any of the action. But it also takes great stills!

After all, even though I selected the camera for its action video characteristics, wouldn’t it have been foolish to ignore the basic features for great image quality, sensor size, and photo processing. Although I believe in keeping the controls simple to use so as to avoid missing any of the action, I’ve found that it’s not necessary to sacrifice features that will produce a sharp, clear portrait or landscape photos.

Other than the requirements for great action video such as a rugged housing, water and dust proofing, shock proofing, fast auto focus, frame rate, and so forth, all the other qualities of a great point and shoot should still apply. Thus, what you are really purchasing when you buy a great digital camera for action video is a great digital camera with the addition of excellent action video qualities. Don’t settle for less!

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

20 2016 Sep

Selecting a Great Digital Camera.

When I bought my first DSLR camera, it opened up a whole new world of versatility, along with a new world of fun challenges to overcome. The versatility was mainly due to the vast number of lens packages that became available to me with this type of digital camera.

From the kit lens with its moderate range of zoom, to a wide angle (or super wide) lens, to telephoto (or super telephoto), to macro and fisheye lenses; all afford new opportunities to craft photos and videos with varying characteristics, while enjoying challenging photography and overcoming the potential flaws of each type of lens. The price of a great DSLR is rather steep, up front. But this well informed purchase will net a budding photographer years of fun, educational growth, and experience in photography.

Then, the addition of lens filters for special effects can add so much more to that educational growth and fun. Mix and match filters or vary the strength of filters. Sometimes a mix of filters will just cancel each other out, but occasionally the results are simply amazing!

I guess buying a DSLR camera is sort of like buying a chemistry set for photography. It’s setting out on a new adventure full of fun, experimentation, and educational opportunities.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!