31 2016 Oct

A Vivitar 16.1 MP Digital Camera Helps Me Capture Memories Easily

2-vivitar-16-1-mp-digital-cameraIt is so fun to go on family vacations especially now that my children are really the right age to enjoy all of the different types of activities that we enjoy on a regular basis. To make sure that I can scrapbook our experiences, I have made sure that I am able to look at a whole bunch of different types of cameras that I can use to take pictures.

I am often upgrading cameras just because I like the idea of having a really good one that I will be able to use on a regular basis. Right now, I have a very nice Vivitar 16.1 MP digital camera that works incredibly well at capturing shots of my children. The kids love to pose for the camera while they are doing a range of different activities while on vacation.

When we get home from our trips, I make sure to get some different prints of our pictures. These pictures then go straight into a photo album or into a scrapbook that I am making. Our memories are easily preserved thanks to the different types of cameras that I use to get the very best memories printed and into a book.

28 2016 Oct

How to select a lens filter for your DSLR?

Reverse GND FilterThis time of year the sun is almost always low on the horizon in our neck of the woods. I find that a Reverse Graduated Neutral Density (GND) Filter is extremely useful on my DSLR under these conditions.

The reverse GND is a specialty filter used for landscape photography, when shooting against the sun while it is close to the horizon. Reverse graduated neutral density filters are relatively new to the photo scene. When compared to regular hard/soft-edge GND filters, they are dark at the horizon (hard-edge) and gradually soften towards the top, as shown in the image above.

Reverse GND filters are very useful for shots when shooting against the sun while it is near the horizon. A common problem with such shots, is that the sun is much brighter than the sky. If a hard-edge GND filter is used, the sky might get too dark and if a soft-edge GND filter is used, the sun will be overexposed. The solution is to use a reverse GND filter, which balances the sun and the sky in the frame, resulting in a more balanced exposure. It is sometimes necessary to stack reverse GND filters in high-contrast and other rare situations.

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27 2016 Oct

Selecting Digital Cameras for Action Video.

1 olympus digital cameraWhen preparing to use a digital camera for action video for any action sporting event I think ahead and set my camera for the mode that I believe I will want to use most often. Once the action starts, I find that there is little time to be doing the setup, so I like to have it done in advance.

For this type of shooting, it’s helpful to have as many auto functions as possible. A camera designed for that specific action sport will probably have the auto functions that are needed but, if you’re like me, you purchased a camera with several sports and related environments in mind. So you’ll need to consider the settings that will be needed for this sport and select your best mode selections.

Of course, it is also necessary to have an easy to use user interface for a camera that’s capturing live action videos. So a camera that lets you select from various control configurations is a must. Once everything is set you can cue your team and set off on your journey down the slopes or across the water.

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26 2016 Oct

A Wide Angle Lens Makes it Easy to Take Wide Angle Shots

1-wide-angle-lensWhen I bought a camera that I could actually use a variety of different lenses on, I was really excited to see just how I could change my pictures by using different lenses. I had always wanted to experiment with some different types of shots, but many of these required special lenses just so that I would be able to get everything to look the way that I really wanted it to.

It was a lot of fun for me to find many different items that I would be able to use with my new camera. The new lenses that I bought were great since I was able to easily take a bunch of pictures that I never would have been able to capture before. My wide angle lens has been especially perfect for making it so that I am able to take some really cool wide angle shots.

Having a camera like this really is a lot of fun since I am able to get the best kinds of angles and looks from the lenses that I have. It has been a lot of fun to experiment with all kinds of different things just so that I can make it so that I can have really special pictures.

26 2016 Oct

Selecting the Perfect Camera Lens.

wide angle macro lens 6-07-16I find that a Macro camera lens is perfect for photographing nature right in my back yard! There are so many of those perfect shots available in my garden that I could easily spend all day, and then some, shooting flowers, insects, bees, and of course smaller rabbit, squirrels, and rodents.

The macro lens magnifies the view of flower petals in motion, creating a different perspective every few minutes. This is where many of those very unusual and creative portraits come from. With patience and practice the micro world captured with the lens reveals a breath taking view rarely seen by the naked eye.

A worker bee gathering nectar is an excellent subject through a macro lens, too. As he separates the delicate folds of the flower and begins drawing the nectar in, he is also covered by pollen in views that cannot be seen under normal magnification. These also make art worthy pallets.

Time lapse photography is also greatly aided by the use of a macro lens. Capture all the changes of a unique flower as it changes during the day. Plates made from these frames are highly valued in art fairs.

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25 2016 Oct

Choosing the Best Camera Tripod.

rubber_spiked footDoes your photographic hobby take you out into windy, rainy whether often? When purchasing a new camera tripod you might find yourself asking rubber feet or spikes? Of course spikes are cumbersome when the whether is grand. But why settle when you can get feet with retractable spikes?

Many of the better camera tripod manufacturers offer tripods with retractable spikes already attached. They are a little more expensive, but when the wind blows and the rain pours while you’re on a photo excursion they come in very handy, indeed! With these spikes, you can anchor your tripod on steep, slippery slopes, wet grass, and even in mud.

Of course, if you’ve already purchased a camera tripod, you can usually go back to your tripod manufacturer and purchase a set of retractable spikes that will fit your tripod legs. If the manufacturer offers these, they will usually indicate which tripods are compatible with each set of spikes offered by part numbers. Typically, all you have to do is remove the rubber or plastic feet that came with your tripod and screw the retractable spikes onto each bottom leg.

On the rare occasion that the manufacturer of your tripod does not offer retractable spikes, there are third party manufacturers that make retractable spikes for various brands of tripods. The manufacturers specify brands only in their listings, but I would contact them before purchasing to ensure their retractable spikes are compatible with your tripod model number.

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24 2016 Oct

A Lumix Camera Gives My Friend The Toughness And Performance He Wants

4-lumix-cameraFinding a good camera that will be able to take on tough conditions and be able to give you the shots that you are looking for is not hard when you get to know what a Lumix camera can do. My friend has been very into these kinds of cameras and he loves using them to be able to capture all kinds of adventures that he likes to go on all the time.

A camera by Lumix can be perfect for your needs and there are so many options out there so that you can find one that will fit your personality and your taste perfectly. The right camera will be able to go with you wherever you want  to go and it will give you the spectacular shots that you are looking for. My friend has a great camera that he loves by Lumix.

My friend’s Lumix camera is an amazing camera for his needs and it is a camera that he loves to use all the time, whether he is in the great outdoors or he wants to take it fishing with him. The camera is his best buddy when it comes to getting brilliant shots he wants when he is going diving, climbing, skiing, and wherever his adventures take him.

21 2016 Oct

How to select a lens filter for your DSLR?

Lee 100mm Filter HolderI discovered that once I started using a lens filter for my DSLR, I wanted to buy more and mix and match them for unusual effects. I found that the most economical way to purchase them was by obtaining filter sets.

For example, fog filters can be purchased inexpensively in sets of varying gradients of fog, thus giving me the opportunity to add a light, misty fog to a subject, a heavy, dense fog, or anything in between. Color intensifying filters can also be purchased in sets to allow me to enhance the reds or greens in my subject. So I can both enhance foliage and add fog to a nature scene, for example.

A polarizing filter can be further added to control the effects of a bright sun in my subject. And I can add it to the previous combination for more dramatic effects.

I am not limited to just circular filters, either. With a lens filter adapter kit for rectangular lens filters I can just mount the filter adapter to my camera lens and stack multiple filters in its tray, as desired. If the combination doesn’t create the desired effect, I can just keep swapping them out until i get just the right picture. This also creates endless possibilities for me to explore.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

20 2016 Oct

Selecting Digital Cameras for Action Video.

Coleman C5WP 12.0M Xtreme UWI find that there are so many opportunities for me to use my digital camera for action video. I always have it with me when I go out to engage in a sporting activity.

In the summertime, it’s usually exploring ocean reefs, skate boarding, or mountain biking. But now that the snow is beginning to fall, it’s time to start gearing up for snowboarding.

I installed a camera mount on the front of my snowboard, so I now have the option of a ground’s eye view as I speed down the slopes. I can also mount my camera to my lid to capture  POV videos of my friends as we go down together. They get a kick out of watching their antics on the way down after we come down from the slopes for the day.

I’m really glad that I invested in my camera for action video, and find it’s easy to use and well worth the money I spent. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either, for a great camera for action video. You should give it a try! You’ll be glad you did!

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

19 2016 Oct

Selecting the Perfect Camera Lens.

2 52 mm camera lensThere are a lot of different types digital camera lenses out there, but I like to group them in terms of functionality. For closeup work I like a good Macro lens. These can also be simulated by the use of a Close-up lens kit, to financially ease into this area. Both of these options perform the function of magnifying your images.

The Telephoto lens is a lens package that everyone will use at one time or another in their photographic world. Although the range of zoom varies widely from that available in a common kit lens to the long range afforded by the Super Telephoto, the functionality that they all have in common is that they are all designed to bring a far away subject closer to you.

Then there’s the Wide-angle lens group. These are all zooms as well, but differ in functionality to allow the photographer to show a wider or narrower view of the subject. These lens packages, from Wide-angle to Super Wide-angle, are frequently used for landscape photography.

The remaining lens packages all fall into a group used for special effects photography, and their functionality varies dramatically. These lenses are also typically more expensive due to the elements required in these packages and their unusual configurations.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!