31 2017 Mar

How to select a lens filter for your DSLR?

After some exposure to the cool effects that I can create with different lens filters, I decided to make them part of my everyday carry items in my camera bag. This group of items include an extra power pack for my DSLR, a few extra memory cards, an external flash, and the aforementioned array of lens filters.

Naturally, I always carry 2 or more lenses with me when I leave for a day of shooting. And one or two of my go-to lenses for special effects have thread sizes that differ from my normal thread. So, on the days that I carry these lenses I also need to add my lens filter adapter(s) to my kit. This is my way of always being ready to get that perfect, once in a lifetime shot.

This time of year I find that I use my lens filters even more than throughout the rest of the year. Colors abound everywhere I look, so I frequently want to make the most of them with color enhancing filters. Depending upon the color of my subject, I may want to emphasize warm colors with a warming filter or cool colors with a cooling filter. Occasionally, I will use a combination filter to emphasize both warm and cool colors. I find it’s fun to experiment with these lens filters.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

30 2017 Mar

Selecting Digital Cameras for Action Video.

My friend recently asked for my help with selecting a great digital camera for action video. When I asked him the first basic question, what type of action sport he wanted to capture, he told me that he was interested in several including snow boarding, mountain bike races, and underwater photography. He also mentioned that he already has an Olympus point and shoot digital that has served him well for many years, so he wondered if they might manufacture a good digital camera for action video, as well. This made his decision a lot easier.

I introduced him to the Olympus TG-4 Waterproof Digital Camera. The TG-4 is equipped with multiple options for capturing fantastic snowboard runs and mountain bike races, including 1080p HD video, High-Speed Movie (for slow- motion playback), interval shooting, and Time Lapse Movie, which automatically combines individual images, taken at preset intervals, into a short film. Shooting underwater is a breeze with TG-4’s customized Underwater Modes, easily activated via the Mode Dial. In addition to Snapshot, Wide, and Macro modes, TG-4 boasts an Underwater HDR mode, which automatically combines multiple images to create vivid underwater scenes with enhanced light and shadow. It even has a powerful Macro mode that allows clear shots shoot as close as 1cm.

My friend ultimately decided to go with his experience and my suggestion, and bought this camera. He was really glad he did, and is always happy to display for me the wonderful results.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

29 2017 Mar

Selecting the Perfect Camera Lens.

A telephoto camera lens gets me close to the action at sporting events and allows me to pull in closeups of all the activity at family gatherings. I find that a telephoto lens to perform these functions doesn’t have to be a budget killer, either.

My EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 telephoto zoom lens was developed to meet the high-performance standards that today’s photographers demand. With Image Stabilizer Technology that provides up to three stops of “shake” correction, and its “Mode 2” option stabilizes images while panning with a moving subject. I can be crewative, while obtaining very high quality photos.

My telephoto lens has a fast autofocus function, and is light with a relatively small diameter. The zoom ring can be locked at the 70mm position, making this my lens easy to transport in my camera bag.

It’s nice knowing that the only two lenses that I need to cary with me, most of the time, are my kit lens and my telephoto. I always feel confident, when I have these two lenses, that I’ll be able to take all the pics for family memorabilia and get the action shots and video, all in high quality.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

28 2017 Mar

Selecting a Great Digital Camera.

Some people like the versatility and challenge of a high quality DSLR and its interchangeable lenses. But for others, a high quality and versatile point and shoot digital camera allows them to travel lighter within a much lower budget while still getting a lot of value and versatility. Such is the case of the Panasonic Lumix ZS50, for those in this latter group.

At around $300 online, this camera rocks with a 12.1MP High Sensitivity MOS sensor and Venus Engine image processor, to enable high-resolution still imaging and full HD 1080p video recording with exceptional low-light quality and sensitivity to an expandable ISO 6400. Fast performance is also afforded throughout the camera system, including the ability to record full-resolution imagery at up to 10 fps or 6 fps using continuous AF.

Also supported is Full HD 1080p video recording in multiple frame rates up to 60 fps in the high-quality AVCHD Progressive format or 30 fps in the Internet-friendly MP4 format. An onboard stereo microphone is incorporated into the camera’s design to render clear-sounding audio with suppressed mechanical noise and, with the inclusion of an Auto Wind Cut function, lessened background noise.

And the full 30x range of the optical zoom lens can be used during movie recording, which benefits from the HYBRID O.I.S.+ system to render smooth, shake-free videos. High-speed HD 720p movie recording is also afforded with a sensor output frame rate of 120 fps. This is a full featured point and shoot at an affordable price.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

27 2017 Mar

Choosing the Best Camera Tripod.

When I first started taking landscape photography shots, I had trouble sometimes getting the vertical and horizontal alignment just right, especially when there were mountains or rolling hills in the background. I finally made room in my budget for a camera tripod that had reference bubble levels.

I find that the bubble reference helps me to line up my shots much more quickly. Thus, I can focus more on the quality of my pictures than on the mechanics of my tripod and camera alignment. It also allows me to take really cool shots from the side of a hill. Some of these really have people turning their heads as they look at the shots.

The bubbles help with alignment on fisheye shots too. In these shots the distortion can make it difficult to get the camera frame aligned. But now I just line up my bubbles, attach my camera, and shoot! I really enjoy my photography hobby a lot more since I got this tripod. Setup is a breeze!

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

26 2017 Mar

My Brother Is Always Buying New Digital Camera Accessories

My brother has always been a big fan of photography and he is always looking to improve his current digital camera and to find some handy accessories for it. When we were growing up, my brother would be constantly traveling. He would have extra money from work and he would spend it all on a trip to Europe or a trip to Alaska.

It was crazy how many pictures my brother would take on his trips. He would take photo after photo and would come back with literally a thousand pictures or so. He would capture every angle you could possibly think of when taking a photo of a mountain, for example. Taking pictures of scenic nature views was one of his favorite things to do.

My brother loves taking tons of photos to this day and he is always looking for some nice digital camera accessories for his needs. The accessories that he has include some nice camera cases, lenses, and quality tripods as well. He is always looking for ways to improve his photos with some new accessories. I can’t wait to see what cool new accessory he will get next for his camera. He loves finding these accessories online.

25 2017 Mar

Canon PowerShot Cameras Are My Buddies For Every Adventure

Finding some good cameras makes it easy for me to take some cool shots and capture every adventure to the fullest. I like to go on all kinds of trips whether I am traveling across the country or I am going on a scenic hike on the weekend. I love making photo albums and taking tons and tons of pictures during my outings.

I have always been a very big outdoors person and I love getting outside and doing some trips with my friends and family. My family and I like to all get together and go hiking in a national park a few times a year. My parents live in Iowa and my brother and I moved out to the Seattle area after college, so it is nice when we can see our parents since we don’t get to that often.

With a good camera, I can be ready to take some cool pics of the beauty of nature and of the people who mean the most to me. It is nice for me to be able to get out into the fresh air and away from the stressful pace of my everyday life every once in a while. With Canon PowerShot cameras, I can always have the focus and the clarity I am looking for.

24 2017 Mar

How to select a lens filter for your DSLR?

I find that when I go through boxes of old photos in the attic or basement, I have to pause and dwell on those ones with the classic brown hue to them. You know the ones where everyone appears to be wearing brown, gray, or black clothing. Even the background frequently has a brownish tint.

I don’t know why I’m attracted to these photos, but I was amazed to find out that you can get a lens filter for your DSLR to emulate this look in present day photos. It’s called a Sepia lens filter, from the warm sepia effect characteristic of historical photography.

The Sepia effect can be applied in varying degrees, depending upon the strength of the filter used. And, yes! They can be purchased in sets, usually labeled A, B, C or 1, 2, 3.

Although rarely seen in anything other than competition photography today, the effects of a Sepia filter can be a lot of fun to experiment with. And these filters are not difficult or expensive to obtain. Give it a try! You’ll be glad you did! And won’t your friends be surprised when they see how they look in the photos you take of them.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

23 2017 Mar

Selecting Digital Cameras for Action Video.

My digital camera for action video is equipped to give me hours of underwater and snorkeling pleasure with its 2.7-inch LCD and its rechargeable lithium battery. It’s water proof up to 33 feet, which allows me to spend all this time discovering a new reef or rediscovering an old one.

Since the camera includes easy to use controls, it is ideal for use underwater. Frequently the action heats up suddenly in this environment, leaving little setup time for those fantastic shots and video clips. That’s why features like automatic face detection and antishake image stabilization are so important for this type of photography.

I find that a wrist strap or a lanyard to wear around neck neck are also helpful, as I need to keep my hands free for swimming. I prefer a wrist strap, as a longer tether, like a lanyard, could become entangled on underwater objects. So a lighter camera on a wrist strap performs best for me.

I always take along extra memory cards and an extra lithium battery pack, to ensure that I don’t have to recharge between dives. This way I can always have a battery pack charging.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

22 2017 Mar

Selecting the Perfect Camera Lens.

A great all-around camera lens is not that hard to find. Most of the time a good kit lens will work just fine for general photography. I get a lot of use out of mine.

Constructed of 11 elements in 9 groups my kit lens provides a focal length and maximum aperture of 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 and uses an Aspherical lens element to correct aberration for excellent image quality throughout the zoom range and a circular aperture for exquisite rendering of out-of-focus backgrounds. It is designed with Canon’s Optical Image Stabilizer technology while retaining the compactness and lightness of previous models. This stabilization allows sharp hand-held shots at shutter speeds up to four stops slower than is otherwise possible.

This kit lens allows me to bring a subject into focus as close as 9.8 inches and provides a diagonal angle of view of 74 degrees at 20 feet and 27 degrees at 50 feet. Without a lot of size, weight or cost, this lens expands my picture-taking possibilities any time I need slow shutter speeds and allows me to get close to a subject for portrait photography or zoom in on a subject for those surprise nature shots.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!