29 2017 Apr

A Panasonic Digital Camera is a Great One for Me to Use

Making sure that I can capture excellent pictures for every birthday party and event that my children have is something that is so important to me. I have to spend a good amount of time recording these memories so that they will have something that they can look back on when they are much older. It is wonderful to be able to find some great cameras to capture these memories.

After my last camera died, I had to make sure that I would be able to find the right kind of digital camera that I might be able to use on a regular basis. Getting a quality camera that would be one that was easy for me to use was something that was very important to me. I spent a long time looking at different types of cameras so that I could find the right one to use.

I eventually was able to choose a wonderful Panasonic digital camera that I have been using ever since. It is wonderful to be able to have a great camera that I can use on a regular basis. I am really glad that I was able to find this particular one as it is one that is even better than the old one that I had.

28 2017 Apr

How to select a lens filter for your DSLR?

Today I want to talk about some lens filters that I always take along with me when I am going to a family gathering. These events are always frequented by distant family relatives from out of town that we have heard about, but rarely see. So I am always called upon to take some portraits to commemorate the occasion.

If it’s a sunny day, I always try to position my subject(s) so that the sun is not directly in their eyes, but behind me placing them in the best light. But this is not always possible due to our surroundings. I want the background to be pleasing, as well. This is where I find a polarizing lens filter to come in handy. It helps to minimize the effects of a bright sun at a poor angle. I can adjust the polarizer by turning it, a small amount at a time, to get the colors just right.

I also like to take a center spot filter with me. This is a variation of a diffusion filter. The center of a center spot filter is either a hole or a flat, clear glass. The outer “ring” is diffuse and sometimes colored. Therefore, the center produces a clear image of my subject(s) and the outer ring blurs the detail. As a result, it places the emphasis on the center. This is ideal for an individual or small group portrait.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

27 2017 Apr

Selecting Digital Cameras for Action Video.

When I shop for a digital camera for action video that I plan to use underwater, I always keep in mind that visibility may be limited in the location where I’m shooting. Especially on an overcast day, this could be a problem for my photography.

On a bright sunny day I usually have plenty of light to make camera adjustments for my shots, at the water depth that most digital cameras are designed to descend. With a basic knowledge of how my camera controls operate, I can easily see to change modes, adjust exposure, or set my timer to get a selfie in the light that’s available. However, when the silt is stirred up or on a cloudy day, the control settings are not always visible. So when I shop I choose a camera whose controls are configured well, so that I can make changes by feel alone.

I also look for a camera that will automatically correct for many issues encountered. Features like Live Composite Mode, Macro Modes, and various Underwater Modes help bring out the quality in my photos under these conditions.

It always helps to envision your expected shooting environment before shopping for your camera. This way you can shop for features that will improve the quality of your pictures and videos.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

26 2017 Apr

Selecting the Perfect Camera Lens.

There are a lot of different types digital camera lenses out there, but I like to group them in terms of functionality. For closeup work I like a good Macro lens. These can also be simulated by the use of a Close-up lens kit, to financially ease into this area. Both of these options perform the function of magnifying your images.

The Telephoto lens is a lens package that everyone will use at one time or another in their photographic world. Although the range of zoom varies widely from that available in a common kit lens to the long range afforded by the Super Telephoto, the functionality that they all have in common is that they are all designed to bring a far away subject closer to you.

Then there’s the Wide-angle lens group. These are all zooms as well, but differ in functionality to allow the photographer to show a wider or narrower view of the subject. These lens packages, from Wide-angle to Super Wide-angle, are frequently used for landscape photography.

The remaining lens packages all fall into a group used for special effects photography, and their functionality varies dramatically. These lenses are also typically more expensive due to the elements required in these packages and their unusual configurations.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

25 2017 Apr

Selecting a Great Digital Camera.

When I shop for a great digital camera, I’m not just looking for a camera that is attractive to look upon. I know exactly what features will allow me to take great quality photos and videos of the subjects that interest me.

Features like aperture, zoom range, exposure ratings, modes preferred, burst rate, and file formats are all important to my picture and video qualities. So when I get to the store or online, I can quickly eliminate those models that do not meet my criteria. That way, if I am shopping in a store, I can focus on how the camera feels in my hands, its balance, the control configuration, how easy it will be to carry around with me all day long will be easy to focus upon. To me, preparation is key to actually selecting a great digital camera.

That’s why I advocate for asking yourself questions in advance such as, how will you use your camera, what subjects are you interested in photographing, will your subjects be still or moving, etc.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

25 2017 Apr

Getting a 52 mm Camera Lens to Use When Taking Pictures

52 mm camera lensIt has been really great for me to be able to enjoy using my camera to take all kinds of pictures this spring. I definitely enjoy picking out the different kinds of cameras that I can use often and even changing different features on them by using different accessories as well. It is wonderful to have different kinds of items that can be used to make sure that I get a great shot every time.

I really enjoy being able to get close up shots of blossoms and even some different types of bugs that I can find out in the garden. To make sure that I am able to make my pictures look especially nice, I had to buy a lens that was right for zooming close in on things. Getting a 52 mm camera lens really helped as this lens was one that I felt was right for me.

With this lens, I can get all kinds of pictures that I never would have been able to capture otherwise. It is really exciting to be able to spend just a bit of time looking at some different types of lenses and using them to make my camera take very different types of pictures all the time.

24 2017 Apr

Choosing the Best Camera Tripod.

So, ball head or 3-way head, which is best? It probably comes down to personal preference, influenced by the photographic environment that you encounter most often. But I prefer a 3-way head when I use a camera tripod.

The convenience of a ball head boils down to only one holding screw that needs to be loosened to freely move the ball in any axial direction. The drawback being that if you only want to shift your lens slightly to the right to center your subject, you need to loosen that one screw, but also be careful not to shift the ball up or down while doing so. If you frequently need to make changes in both horizontal and vertical alignment, at the same time, then a ball head may be more convenient for you.

The convenience of a 3-way head is that minute shifts in a single axis are made easy and error free, by the operation on one adjustment knob. If you want to shift your lens only to the right, one knob is loosened and moved, while the vertical position remains locked. The drawback being that if you want to move the head in all directions, like when first lining up with your subject, you need to loosen up 2 (or 3) knobs and then lock them back into place when on target. A 3-way head is also typically a little more expensive, due to the additional hardware involved.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

21 2017 Apr

How to select a lens filter for your DSLR?

As routine readers of this blog already know, I prefer to create special effects in my photography with my digital camera, rather than by using post-processing software. So I have an array of inexpensive lens filters that I carry with me whenever I go out shooting.

I always carry a polarizing filter to darken skies, manage reflections, or suppress glare from the surface of lakes or the ocean. A linear polarizer allows me to change the balance of the light in a photograph.

I also carry a few color intensifier filters to enhance the green tones of foliage and the reds and oranges of colorful fall leaves. Mixing the effects of a polarizer and color intensifier results in beautiful photos of lakes and waterfalls.

I can also add the appearance of fog to my photos with various levels of fog filters. These come in sets of basic levels, so I was able to get a variety without depleting my budget for my hobby.

My UV/clear/haze filter will be found attached to my camera lens most of the time, to protect the lens. Of course, my digital camera provides UV filtering internally, so I don’t need the lens filter for this purpose. But I find that it protects my lenses from breakage, dust, and dirt. The lens filter is also a lot easier to clean than my lenses.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

2 2017 Apr

A Canon Camera Lens Made A Meaningful Gift For My Grandpa

My grandpa loves to take photos and he loves doing it as a hobby in his free time. He has a lot more free time now that he is retired and he is always taking photos and videos. It has been a hobby for him for a long time and one that has been well worth it. Our family loves getting together on the weekends and watching fun videos from when my brother and I were little or from when our parents were getting married that our grandpa took.

With a good camera lens, I can give my grandpa the gift of taking some amazing shots and having even sharper and better images. He loves to go on trips with his friends and taking some pictures of a new area and making the photos into works of art. For example, he likes to go skiing at ski resorts and taking lots of pictures there.

I wanted to get my grandpa something he would really value for a long time for his birthday recently. I got him a Canon camera lens for his camera and it turned out to be an awesome gift idea. The lens gives him even better photos and it has been an amazing accessory for him to use. It is also a light lens and is smaller than a lot of other ones.

1 2017 Apr

The Canon Elph 160 Camera Is Perfect For Family Vacations

A good Canon camera is just what I need to capture all of the great memories from my family vacations. It is nice to have a good camera that I can rely on and that will give me some high-quality pictures. The one that I have features a sleek design and it is compact and always ready for some stunning photography. I love this new camera and it is perfect for my needs.

With my Canon camera, I am always ready for getting together with my family and going on an amazing trip. I still remember our family trips that we would take when my brother and I were growing up. Our parents took us to Europe and we went on a few trips to the Bahamas and to other island resorts. We looked forward to these trips for months.

We don’t get to travel as much all together now since my brother and I live across the country from our parents. We do still plan some family vacations, however, and we definitely look forward to them. Our vacations are always full of great times and making some amazing memories. With my Canon Elph 160 camera, I can always be ready for a memorable trip.