28 2017 Jun

My Lumix Camera Takes Great Pictures

lumix cameraEver since my children were babies, I have spent a lot of time taking pictures of them and capturing memories for them to look back on when they are a lot older. I know that it is going to be wonderful to be able to show them all of these great pictures once they are all grown up. It is fun for me to look back on the pictures and see how little my children used to be.

Being able to take great pictures is something that is really important to me. This is why I have continued to get new cameras on a regular basis just so that I will be able to take the best pictures that I can all of the time. I have most recently been using a great Lumix camera from Panasonic that is one that really helps me to capture great pictures and even fun videos as well.

In the future, I will probably buy another camera, but for now this is the perfect camera for me to use on a regular basis. I have a lot of fun using this camera and getting it to perfectly capture all of the important memories that my children are making on a day to day basis.

24 2017 Jun

A Waterproof Digital Camera Works Wonderfully Under the Water

This summer, my family will be spending a large amount of time at the beach and swimming at the pool as well. For this reason, I decided that it would be great to find some type of camera that I might be able to use to capture memories in these conditions. I needed one that would be able to go into the water without breaking or losing the pictures that it had taken.

I spent a bit of time searching since there weren’t many kinds of cameras that were ones that worked anywhere near water or underwater either. After a great deal of searching, I was finally able to find a waterproof digital camera that was the perfect camera that I could use on a regular basis. It was fantastic to be able to finally find a camera like this one.

With so many different types of cameras that I could use, I was really glad to be able to find the waterproof one to enjoy. It was really easy for me to be able to take a bit of time to practice with this camera and to test its capabilities. I am really impressed with this camera so far.

20 2017 Jun

Getting a Canon FD Lens for My Camera

cannon fd lensWhen I recently started to spend a bit of time picking out some new items that I might be able to use with my camera, I was able to find many different items that were perfect ones for me to use on a regular basis so that I would be able to take great pictures. It was a lot of fun picking out different items based on reviews that were able to tell me just what kinds of items were the right ones for me to work with.

Spending just a bit of time looking at different types of camera accessories and finding the perfect ones to use in my home all of the time was something I really enjoyed. I was able to spend a good amount of time choosing between different items like a Cannon FD lens and many other great filters. These different items were perfect ones for me to use all the time.

Having different types of items that I would be able to use all the time with my camera was something that was really exciting to me. I was delighted to be able to find all kinds of items that would help me take different types of pictures. Getting the most out of my camera is easy with these great accessories.

14 2017 Jun

Getting Beautiful Spring Shots With My Canon ET-60 Lens Hood

I love to have a good lens hood for my camera to ensure that I am not letting glare and unwanted light get in the way of the stunning shots that I want to be taking. A good lens hood comes in handy, especially for all of the spring and summer shots that I want to take. It is nice for me to have a great lens hood that gives me the freedom to take some awesome outdoor shots.

With my new lens hood for my Canon camera, I have been able to get some stunning shots without worrying about the glare that comes through so often on the shots. I love how easy it is to use a lens hood and that you can just put it on and have some fantastic outdoor shots. I love to go hiking and backpacking and the lens hood is great for those kinds of photos.

My Canon ET-60 lens hood has been very useful for my needs and I love using it again and again for the shots that I want to take. Now that I have been outdoors a lot more with the warmer weather, I can get some amazing outdoor shots with my lens hood. It also serves as a nice way to protect my lens from the elements and from scratches.

7 2017 Jun

A Canon Camera Battery Charger Gives Me So Much Convenience

Having a good battery charger for my camera allows me to keep my camera powered up and ready for me at all times. I love the new charger that I got and how easy it is to keep my camera charged up with it. Having some batteries that are rechargeable is so easy and convenient and it is great in the fast-paced world that we live in.

My new battery charger has been awesome so far and it has given me plenty of convenience. I love how easy it is to use and that I can have a reliable way to charge my camera with it. I don’t think that I would ever switch to using normal batteries that run out and that you have to constantly change. I can’t wait to use my camera on my next adventure.

I have been using my Canon camera for a while now and the camera is a great way for me to ensure that I am documenting all of my life’s adventures. I am always getting some high quality images with the camera and it is a camera that I enjoy using again and again. I can’t wait to go on my next weekend trip and take some great shots. I know that I always have my Canon camera battery charger to rely on.

2 2017 Jun

How to select a lens filter for your DSLR?

I find that when I go through boxes of old photos in the attic or basement, I have to pause and dwell on those ones with the classic brown hue to them. You know the ones where everyone appears to be wearing brown, gray, or black clothing. Even the background frequently has a brownish tint.

I don’t know why I’m attracted to these photos, but I was amazed to find out that you can get a lens filter for your DSLR to emulate this look in present day photos. It’s called a Sepia lens filter, from the warm sepia effect characteristic of historical photography.

The Sepia effect can be applied in varying degrees, depending upon the strength of the filter used. And, yes! They can be purchased in sets, usually labeled A, B, C or 1, 2, 3.

Although rarely seen in anything other than competition photography today, the effects of a Sepia filter can be a lot of fun to experiment with. And these filters are not difficult or expensive to obtain. Give it a try! You’ll be glad you did! And won’t your friends be surprised when they see how they look in the photos you take of them.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!

1 2017 Jun

Selecting Digital Cameras for Action Video.

Today I’m going to focus on composition when using your digital camera for action video. Remember the old days, when you got your first movie camera? (Ok, some of you may not have experienced this.) Maybe it was a Bell and Howell or Kodak. A booklet came along with the camera that told you how to use your camera to take good films. In the booklet, I’ll bet that the first thing it said was to “move the camera slowly”. So you put film in the camera and gave it a try. You thought you were moving the camera slowly, but when you viewed your movie later on screen you were disappointed. Your subjects jumped around on the screen, revealing to you that “moving the camera slowly” meant a lot more slowly than you ever imagined.

I expect we’ve all had this experience though, and it’s just as important in the digital world as it was in the 8mm film world. When using your digital camera to shoot action video, you need to pan slowly and zoom in and out slowly to avoid a jumpy, flitty video clip that is really hard for your audience to watch. It is also a good idea to use a tripod or monopod to remove any camera jitter from your clips. Pan slowly and zoom slowly, whenever possible. Your audience will appreciate your videos even more.

Until next time, Happy Shuttering!